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Marcellus Hose Product's New Union Fittings
Eliminate Leak Points On High Pressure Hoses

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Integral Union slide Show

2" Integral Union Fittings

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Detach Assembled Integral   Unassembled Integral   Unassembled 3 Piece   Detached 602 Integral   Integral Comparison  

3 Piece Comparison   2 Piece Fittings   Left Kelly Hose End   Right Kelly Hose End   Fitted Kelly Hose  


With the introduction of Marcellus Hose's Integral Figure 602 and 1502 Union Fittings, Marcellus Hose's 5000psi Kelly Hose and Mud Pump Hoses have eliminated 2 leak points per hose and the added expense of x-raying weld points.  The Integral Union Fittings are essentially manufactured with the high pressure hammer union and the high pressure hose barb combined from one solid piece of metal. 

This becomes particularly useful on drilling platforms on the ocean or on land rigs where leak points are a concern.  Historically, the common practice was to thread and then weld a hammer union to the standard API male fitting.  The connection is then x-rayd to insure that the joint is properly sealed. 

Clearly, the benefits provided by this new innovation will be seen by increased time saving and productivity, an overall lower price of the product as well as a much GREENER solution no spills!


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