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Spiral Hose Guards

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"Providing Hose Products for the Marcellus Shale Region"


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Marcellus Hose Products' Spiral Guard extends the life of your hose by providing the maximum abrassion resistance and reduces costly downtime. The Spiral Guard protects hose, cable, wire, rope, etc. against rubbing, crushing, chaffing, ultraviolet, and other environmental hazards. The Spiral Guard is self-lubricating and easy to install while making hose assemblies, after assembly is complete, or after installation.



Heavy wall, high density, high tensile, thermal plastic, polyethylene resin HDPE.
Operating Temperatures: -180F to +257F.


Part Number

I.D. Inches


SPIRAL GUARD-08 1/2" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-10 5/8" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-12 3/4" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-16 1" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-20 1-1/4" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-24 1-1/2" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-32 2" 100’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-40 2-1/2" 50’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-48 3" 50’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-56 3-1/2" 40’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-64 4" 30’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-80 5" 25’ Coil
SPIRAL GUARD-96 6" 20’ Coil

All edges, inside and out, are machined to eliminate cuts to hands, snagging, & protects hoses from sharp edges when bending and when bundling lines together.


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